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Building partnerships with women leaders around the globe to advance international understanding; empowering women and minorities; and providing opportunities for individuals to grow and fully participate in society.


5.15.10 Korean Presbyterian Women Synod of Southern CA & Hawaii, Rowland Heights, CA

5.13.10 Hanmi Family Counseling Center, Los Angeles, CA

5.01.10 Cover of the Woman Life,  See page 18 - 25, Korea

4.13.10 & 4.28.10 Hoseo University, Cheonan, Korea

4.22.10 Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, Korea

4.16.10 KMI(Knowledge Management Institute) CEO Forum, Seoul, Korea

4.15.10 KHDI (Korea Human Development Institute) - Dobong-Gu Academy, Seoul, Korea

4.07.10 Shinae Chun and her husband visited Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, Korea

4.01.10 KHDI - CEO Seminar at Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea

3.24.10 KHDI - Changwon Academy, Changwon, Korea

3.18.10 KHDI - Jinann County Academy, Jeonbuk, Korea

3.14.10 Church of Love, Severn, MD

1.27.10 Korean International Women’s Network (KOWIN) Annual Meeting 2010, LA, USA


9.22.09 Ajou University, Suwon, Korea

9.25.09 Kim, Moon Soo, Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Opening Remarks at the Gyeonggi International  Forum on Peace and Green Partnership, Suwon, Korea

9.24. 09 Lee, Bae-Yong, President, Ewha Woman’s University and speakers at the Gyeonggi International Forum Opening Ceremony, Suwon, Korea

9.25.09 Shinae Chun, Former Director, USDOL/Women’s Bureau,  at the Gyeonggi International Forum

9.25.09 Shinae Chun, Kim, Moon Soo, Governor of Gyeonggi Province, and Lee, Bae-Yong, President, Ewha Woman’s University at Gyonggi International Forum, Suwon, Korea

10.13.09 World Knowledge Forum (WKF)/Women’s Forum: Penny Low, Member of Parliament, Singapore; Shinae Chun, Former Director, USDOL/WB; Celia Sandys, Author, Granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill; and  Annie S. C. Wu, Chairperson, World Trade Centers Association, Hong Kong, Seoul, Korea

10.14.09 MBC Good Morning Show, Seoul, Korea

10.16.09 Chosun Daily, Korea

10.17.09 Maeil Business Daily, Korea

10.19.09 President Lee, Bae Yong, Ewha Woman’s University and U.S. Ambassador Kathleen Stephens at Shinae Chun’s Book Reception, Seoul, Korea

10.23.09 Paik, Hee young, Minister, Ministry of Gender Equality and Shinae Chun, Former Director, USDOL/WB, JoongAng Daily, Korea

10.23.09 Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea

10.26.09 Women Business Owners Conference, Masan, Korea

11.09 Queen Magazine, Korea

11.09 Chosun Weekly, Korea

11.30.09 Book Reception hosted by Korean American Women’s Chamber of Commerce,  Washington, DC

10.30.09 MBC Blue Bird Show


10.14.08 WKF/Women’s Forum: Shinae Chun, Director, USDOL/WB and Linda Koch Lorimer, Vice President, Yale University, Seoul, Korea

WKF/ Women in the Labor Force: Labor Trends and 21 Century Solutions, Seoul, Korea

10.24.08 World University President Forum, hosted by Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea

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